As practitioners of venture philanthropy, we run the Foundation very much like a venture capitalist would run an investment fund. In order to finance our charitable investments, we actively invest the Foundation’s capital with a goal towards achieving above-average market returns. We invest our capital in grants that we believe will maximize the social return on our cost-conscious investments.


Jesse Rasch, Chairman

Jesse Rasch founded, built, and successfully sold several businesses over the past 10 years. In his youth, Jesse acquired an appreciation for the importance of environmental conservation as a Forest Ranger in Northern Ontario, and as a youth leader for various environmental causes. At the age of 24, Jesse established the Rasch Foundation in the year 2000 with a substantial endowment so that he and his family could pursue their commitment to philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

When not working, Jesse spends his time SCUBA diving, hiking, and pursuing other adventures with his family. He first studied Biology, then Finance and Computer Science, at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, before dropping out of school.

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Julie Lee, Director

Julie graduated with an honours B.Sc from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Counseling from Arizona State University. She worked in Research at the Clark Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Toronto Psychology Department of Child Studies. She was a behavioral therapist at the New England Center for Children in Boston, Massachusetts. Most recently she was a counselor for at-risk youth at Phoenix Job Corps, dealing with substance abuse, child abuse victims, domestic violence, gang related subjects, and various mental health disorders.

Wayne Bigby, Director

Wayne is a proven senior executive and lawyer with over 25 years business experience. Wayne holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toronto along with MBA and Bachelor of Science degrees from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.