The Rasch Foundation supports two key categories in its charitable giving – health & medical research and environmental stewardship. Within these two broad categories, we have sought to support research and projects, often within niche areas that are of personal interest to the Rasch family but that have, in our opinion, continued to receive insufficient attention and funding.

Of particular interest are funding opportunities where a nexus exists between environmental degradation and health issues.

By taking a very narrow and targeted approach, the Foundation seeks to support those projects or areas of research where it can accomplish the following:

Measurably advance the science or understanding of the area or affliction being studied by funding the highest qualified researchers and by using funding in innovative ways that will attract further research dollars.

Have a meaningful, measurable and maximum impact on the lives of the people affected, given the resources that the Foundation can draw upon.

Positively impact the conservation and preservation of the ecological environment in which we live.

In addition to our targeted projects, the Rasch Foundation will make other discretionary grants, from time to time, to support projects and causes that we think will advance society in some way.

However, note that the Rasch Foundation does not “give” money away. We “invest” in scientific medical research and charitable projects where the “return on investment” is an improved society.