The Rasch Foundation has funded a wide variety of different projects. The following is only a partial list of charities that we have funded in the past. Please note that this list includes the recipients of both grant proposals and discretionary funding.

The following selection of past grants highlights the diversity of our giving:

  • Major funding for Murals of Hope, a charity that aims to brighten the lives of sick and abused children by painting murals in hospitals and other health facilities and social agencies serving children.
  • Funding to develop a computerized patient care system that is remotely accessible by doctors using PDAs to improve the continuity of care provided to terminally ill patients of a Toronto area Palliative Care Centre.
  • Startup funding for Pups for Peace, a nonprofit group that buys, trains and deploys explosive-sniffing dogs throughout Israel to help prevent terrorist attacks.
  • Annual funding to hold a lectureship at Mount Sinai Hospital by a visiting expert to advance the education of resident doctors on the subject of Oncological Surgery.
  • Seed funding for Vartana, Canada’s first nonprofit financial institution dedicated to meeting the needs of the voluntary sector.