Supporting meaningful birthday parties for kids

ECHOage is a concept started by two young mothers that is turning children’s birthday parties into fundraising machines for a growing number of charities based in the United States and Canada.  Utilizing a web-based birthday party invitation engine, ECHOage allows gifted funds from invited guests to be pooled and then split equally between buying a significant gift for the child and donating to a charity of the child’s choice.  The result is a win for everyone involved – the child learns about the power of charitable giving and gets one large gift instead of multiple smaller ones; the parents get to use an amazing party organization machine and don’t have to deal with many small (often unwanted) toys; and some amazing charities are the biggest winners of all.

How it Works

Step #1. The parent and child chooses an invitation, selects a cause and invite their guests.

Step #2. Guests RSVP and contribute to the ECHOage party through the ECHOage tracker.

Step #3. When the party is over, the child gets half the funds in the mail from ECHOage to purchase any birthday gift they wish to have AND the other half is donated to the charity of their choosing.

ECHOage Website