$200,000 in Grants to Support Innovative UHN Researchers

Canada has a long and distinguished history of world-changing medical discovery. The inaugural Entrepreneurs for Science Awards is a unique joint-University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital Departments of Medicine initiative that strives to continue this proud tradition of Canadian leadership in medical innovation.

In October 2012, two grants of $100,000 were awarded to UHN/MSH Department of Medicine innovators whose visionary projects:

  • Are based in Canada, but have the potential for global impact
  • Have attainable business applications or commercialization opportunities
  • Have measurable and attainable objectives
  • Have achievable one-year milestones

The Entrepreneurs for Science Awards are unique:

  • Only members of the Departments of Medicine at UHN and MSH are eligible.
  • The application process is simple. Explain your project by submitting a brief online application form. Our Advisory Committee will review all applications and request input from scientific experts where necessary. If your idea is selected, you will have the chance to pitch your innovation in person on the evening of October 1, 2012. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Our aim is to tap into the creativity, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of up-and-coming Canadian innovators to address some of the most persistent global health challenges facing us today. For more information on the Entrepreneurs for Science Awards, please contact entrepreneursforscience@uhn.ca.

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