Within Every Woman:  The Documentary Film

Within Every Woman is a film that explores the forgotten history of “The Comfort Woman”, a term used to describe over 200,000 girls who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II in Asia.

The project began in 2008, travelling through rural China, the Philippines, and South Korea to meet and document the survivors of what is known as the largest institutionalized rape system in world history. Today, the survivors are referred to as “the Grandmothers” – all above the age of 80, they are now mothers, grandmothers and wives. But behind their inspiring courage and strength, it is clear they are still haunted with memories of the past. WEWoman wants to show the complex healing processes that these women who have struggled with their whole lives and ask, ”How does one begin to heal from such brutality?”

As a result, WEWoman will focus on the current lives of the few remaining survivors who are scattered across Asia. By peeling back the layers of silence, shame and sacrifice they have endured, WEWoman will reveal their wisdom, resilience and compassion.

WEWoman will embark on a journey of hope, reminding survivors everywhere that they are not fighting alone, and that together, they can overcome their past with grace and strength to find kindness in an unkind world.

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