Fibromyalgia: An Environmental Scan

Table of Contents




To elicit expert opinions regarding research priorities in the area of fibromyalgia(CP)
To elicit expert opinions regarding resources required in the area of fibromyalgia(CP)
To elicit expert opinions on where financial resources are best suited in the area of fibromyalgia(CP)
To expand the social network of contacts in the area of fibromyalgia(CP)


  1. [Where appropriate] How Long Have You Been Involved in the Area of fibromyalgia (CP)? Or How Long Has the Organization been involved in activates associated with fibromyalgia (CP)? (In some cases this is self evident)
  2. a) In Your Expert Opinion, What do you feel are important research areas to consider at this time regarding fibromyalgia (CP)?
    b) Again focusing on research areas, what do you feel is specifically a priority at this time for individuals afflicted with fibromyalgia (CP)?
  3. a) When thinking about fibromyalgia (CP), what do you feel are important areas that are currently under-resourced?
    b) Of the areas you identified as under-resourced, which do you personally feel is a priority? Please explain why?
  4. In Your Expert Opinion, Can you recommend specific organizations and or projects to investigate for appropriateness to fund in the area of fibromyalgia (CP)?
  5. In Your Expert Opinion, do you feel there are particular areas that are not prudent to fund at this time? If so, can you explain why? [Perhaps some areas are adequately resourced]
  6. Do you have an opinion on any areas that have sufficient resources at this time thus areas that would be a good choice to shy away from allowing our resources to be directed elsewhere?
  7. Are you aware of international initiatives that include a transdisciplinary approach to researching fibromyalgia (CP) that would be worthy of examining for funding purposes? If so, can you elaborate on why you feel this is a formidable initiative?
  8. Do you feel it would be important to make contact with any other researchers or colleagues you have in this area to find out more about what the priorities are in fibromyalgia (CP) or to better understand where resources are needed?
  9. Is there any other information you feel would be important for us to consider in the area of fibromyalgia (CP) when setting up an endowment fund at this time?