Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: An Environmental Scan

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During the 1930’s, Dr. Max B. Gerson developed a theory in the area of nutritional science based on creating optimum metabolism levels in the body along with detoxifying the liver. Initially, the Gerson therapy was applied to migraine headaches and tuberculosis and in later years the approach was particularly developed for use in treating cancer.  Dr. Gerson hypothesized that cancer tumors resulted from a dysfunction in metabolic processes of the body. Through a specific diet and detoxification regime specifically for cancer, along with re-balancing both sodium and potassium levels, this allows the body to address the errant cancer cells naturally.

An organic diet that includes reducing sodium and increasing potassium levels all work to create normal metabolism through optimal digestion. To achieve this, diet and supplements along with enemas and pancreatic supplements boost the immune system and optimize the body to rid itself of toxins. Once the body rids itself of toxins and returns to homeostasis, diseases such as cancer are dealt with through the body’s natural processes, the immune system that detects and destroys cancer cells. Dr. Gerson himself had a number of patients who underwent the Gerson Therapy and experienced positive outcomes in addressing their cancer. Claims by the Gerson Clinic (founded in 1977 by Dr. Gerson’s daughter) states among even the most dire cases, where patients were told they had a month to live, the Gerson Therapy increased survival rates and cured a substantial number of patients (The Gerson Institute, 2010).

Clearly noted on the National Institute of Cancer’s (NIC) web-site is a statement concerning the review of Dr. Gerson’s retrospective studies, chart entries and follow-up notes for over 50 patients using this therapy for cancer. Neither preclinical (human or animal studies) nor clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy of the Gerson Therapy. Additionally, the National Cancer Institute reviewed reports including case studies and anecdotal information. In reviewing the case histories of 6 patients specifically with metastatic cancer, evidence of both physical and psychological benefits were attributed to the Gerson Therapy and the review recommended further examination through a clinical trial investigation. Similarly, the British Columbia, Canada Cancer Agency also states that no data has been made public to support these statements and the American Medical Association has discredited any positive attributes of the Gerson therapy. (For a complete list of Dr. Gerson’s publications see Appendix G: List of Publications: Gerson Therapy).