Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: An Environmental Scan

Table of Contents


2.1    Academic and Gray Literature Search: Databases

The academic literature was retrieved from the following databases: PubMed, CINAL, EMABASE, Sociological Abstracts and Scholars Portal Research and numerous electronic sources of information. Identified keywords were used along with other parameters that included years 2004-2010 and English publications only. In instances were sentinel or important articles preceding 2004 were found, they are also included. Appendix A: ‘Bibliographic Resource: Report Citations’ (located at the end of this document) is a resource list of various references from both the academic and gray literature and citations used in this report.

2.1.1 Strategies and Keywords

In order to examine the state of affairs concerning HL, it was important to use research and clinical terms associated with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Appendix B: ‘Search Strategy: Keyword Summary’ details the selected key words used in all searches that gathered information contained within this report. Initially, searches were performed using ‘Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’ and followed by secondary terms such as ‘lymphoma’ and ‘Hodgkin’s disease’. Subsequent searches incorporated tertiary terms e.g., epidemiology, treatment, risk factors etc. The process continued until information was gathered using all the terms listed in Appendix B.

2.2 Websites and Organizations  

The electronic information reviewed for the environmental scan used several search engines: Google, Google Scholar, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. For a complete list of organizations and electronic resources see Appendix C: ‘Organizations and Electronic Resources: Information and Blogs’.