Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: An Environmental Scan

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3.14.4 Chinese Medicine

There are no substantiated studies concluding that the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective in treating cancer, although there is a biologically plausible argument for continued investigation and possible benefits from this traditional medicine that is used in China and been around for thousands of years. Interestingly, over one half of all the cancer agents in the United States currently being used for cancer treatment were originally derived from naturally occurring products (Chow and Huang 2010). As of late, there is a keen interest in plant based drugs such as recent work investigating silverstrol, which is showing promising results in specifically treating B-cell malignancies (Lucas et al. 2010). However, very few particular species of plants (which is estimated at over 250,000) are even considered for investigation (Chow and Huang 2010). Clearly, the possibility that Chinese medicine and specific herbs used to restore and maintain the balance of health in the body appears realistic (Chow and Huang 2010). Furthermore, identification of beneficial herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine along with rigorous research may lead to new discoveries in treating cancer using this historic approach.