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We invest in medical research, health education, and environmental stewardship.

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Within these broad categories, we seek to sponsor research and projects in niche areas that receive insufficient attention and funding. Of particular interest are opportunities where a nexus exists between environmental degradation and health issues.

Our principal directors are Jesse & Julie Rasch.

Our goals

Fund the highest qualified researchers


Measurably advance the science or understanding of the area or affliction being studied by funding the highest qualified researchers and by using funding in innovative ways that will attract further research dollars.

Create meaningful impact


Have a meaningful, measurable and maximum impact on the lives of the people affected, given the resources that the Foundation can draw upon.

Preserve our environment


Positively impact the conservation and preservation of the ecological environment in which we live.

What We Do

Examples of what we’ve worked on

  • Provided seed funding and ongoing support for transformational social entrepreneurs to develop paradigm changing non-profits, including The Wellbeing Project and CanadaHelps.

  • Funding for The Apology, a groundbreaking documentary film, capturing the representative testimony of the girls and young women kidnapped and forced into military sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

  • Funding for research on the use of natural killer cell lines in the treatment of blood cancers.

  • Created in collaboration with Dr. Michael Greger, a leading expert on the impacts of nutrition on disease prevention. It has since become one of the largest non-profit healthcare sites on the Internet and a preeminent resource for consumers and physicians to learn about plant-based nutrition.

  • Transformational gift to fund the Regenerative Radiation Medicine Program at Princess Margaret Hospital.

  • Nutraceutical research initiatives, examples include the use of dandelion root tea as an anti-cancer agent and studying curcumin in the treatment of blood cancers.

  • Evaluating new anti-cancer agents to target the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma microenvironment.